Wd tv live plus questions list

last xmas i got the wd live plus and loved it at first. then i got a verbatim accent 1tb HD and loaded all my movies onto it. i started to experience long load times (sometimes up to 1.5 min blue spinning wheel) and sporadic “cannot play media, unsupported file” on files I had previously played with no problem. like i said, it comes and goes. also, sometimes the whole system will freeze up and I have to power it off by unplugging the ac adaptor. the device is updated fully.

questions: is the hard drive too large? is the hard drive not a favored type? why will it play files, then not play them minutes later? why am i experiencing long load times? what’s up with the freezing?

i am very new to the forum and the device itself. please forgive any omissions on my part.


The drive size is ok, does this issue happens with any drive or flash drive?

thanks for the reply,

the issue seems to happen only when i plug in my acclaim verbatim 1tb hard dive (not solid state).