WD TV Live Plus problems with DVD menu

Hi everyone!

I just set-up my new WD TV Live Plus. Everything was going fine until I tried to play an ISO of “Breaking Bad” season 1, disc 1. The menu comes up, but when I select an episode to play, nothing happens. It just hangs on the menu. I tried playing the same ISO on my PC and it worked fine.

Anybody else experiencing this issue wiith menu navigation? Any ideas on a fix? I’d hate to return it if there’s a fix or an upcoming update that will cover it.



What do you mean by “Hangs on the Menu?”   The arrow buttons don’t do anything?   Or, does it let you move around, but just doesn’t start anything?

I can navigate to the play episode selection from the main menu. Once I select play episode, nothing happens. It just sits there at the menu and the portable USB drive light stays on.  The only way to get out of it is to press stop or menu. The other navigation buttons do not work.

I’m going to do some testing today. The ISO was created with DVD Decrypter. I’ll try another program and check the result.


are you hitting PLAY or ENTER on the WDTV remote.

you have to hit ENTER on the remote, NOT play

also, make sure you try another DVD, perhaps it’s a bad rip or bad copy.

I’m hitting enter.

I know the ISO is good because it plays fine on my PC.

Here’s what I tried… I used DVDFab to rip the ISO I was having problems with to files (full DVD9). Using ImgBurn, I created a new ISO file from the DVDFab files. The new ISO plays fine and the menu options appear to work okay.

I also tried several other TV show DVD Decrypter ISOs and they worked fine.

I’m wondering if this is isolated to the “Breaking Bad” Season 1 set.

It’s interesting that the WD TV Live Plus had problems with the DVD Decrypter ISO and played fine with DVDFab/ImgBurn ISO. Any thoughts?


DVD Structures can be complex… and they can also be DELIBERATELY wrong.   Newer forms of copy protection are ignored by most hardware DVD players, but throw software copying utilities for a loop.

It could be that there’s a copy protection present on that disk.  Remember, DVD Decrypter ONLY manages CSS decryption.  It does NOT manage the newer forms of copy protection that include “Corrupt PGCs, illegal blocks, phantom titles, etc.” 

I had tons of problems with DVD Decrypter backups that I then burned to DVD.  They played FINE in the DVD player, but VLC and Handbrake both complained about the structure of the PGCs.  

Sounds like you’ve found your workaround.


I thought about what you wrote about DVD Decrypter. If a DVD ripped and burned by DVD Decrypter plays fine in a standard DVD or PC player, why wouldn’t it function normally with the WD TV Live Plus? If the copy protection was not removed by DD, the ISO/disc shouldn’t play in any player, right? It just seems odd that the Plus would have an issue. 

By the way, I’m really impressed with the picture quality of the Plus. I compared the DVD version of “Monsters Vs Aliens” with the Plus version ISO, and I could not tell a difference. 


You’re right.  I have no rational explanation… Just going on experience… :slight_smile:

Harlock wrote:

If a DVD ripped and burned by DVD Decrypter plays fine in a standard DVD or PC player, why wouldn’t it function normally with the WD TV Live Plus?

Simple. Because WD or Sigma messed up as they did with so many other features that just run on 30 $ hardware like subtitles on standalones.