WD TV Live plus, No picture through Receiver Please help!

I went out and purchased a live plus today based on the recomendations of a friend, and Im having problems with it. If I connect the unit directly to my HDTV via HDMI, there are no problems with the exception of the audio loss from multi channel audio.

I want to run the unit through my receiver which supports full over HDMI but every time I connect to the receiver I get no picture or anything.

On the receiver the HDMI logo lights up showing theres a connection, but its still just a black screen. Switching back to the TV directly, everything works again (minus the audio). 

Can someone help me out on this? I really want to be able to run this through the receiver vs. the TV because of the audio, and the fact I have more HDMI connections on the receiver than on my tv. Thanks!!

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First of all, I assume your receiver does output video through the HDMI, right?  Because there are receivers that do not – so just reassure me that you can get video from other devices to your TV from the receiver.

If that is the case, the first thing to try is to use a fixed HDMI resolution, instead of “auto”.  With the Live attached to your TV, go to Settings/Video-Audio and select HDMI but use whatever fixed resolution your TV can support.  Then attach it to your receiver and see if it works that way (BTW, in order for your receiver to decode 5.1 properly you’ll also need to set the sound output in that same menu to “Digital” from “Stereo” which is the default).

Hi and thanks for the advice, got the problem solved but to be honest I feel like a complete ■■■■■ for not checking the simplest first. Turns out as I was moving cables and devices, I didnt notice the HDMI out had come loose from the TV itself. I started to get wise when all of a sudden neither my 360 or PS3 would display ~_~;;;

Happy to say everything working just like I want it to and the Live plus is working great! Now I just need to get a NAS LoL!