WD TV Live Plus no longer recognizes WD 1TB external hard drive

I recently purchased the WD TV Live Plus and initially had an seamless set up. It recognized the external hd and played videos perfectly. Once I decided to rearrange the movies folders on the external hd from my Mac for easier browsing it all went downhill. On the second attempt to plug in the external HD, the WD TV Live no longer recognized the driver. Before plugging in for the 2nd time, the wd installed a new firmware as well. I also powered off twice for over 2-3 minutes. The External is journaled as mentioned in previous posts but I was unsuccessful in disabling it. 

Would appreciate any help regarding the matter. 

Thank you much.

I don’t have access to a Mac so I don’t know anything about the MAC filesystem. A USB port should be a USB port regardless of the computer it is plugged into. Do you have assess to a Windows PC to confirm that the files can be read by a Windows PC? Personally, I would transfer everything on the USB hard drive to another hard drive, reformat the USB hard drive and transfer the data back to the USB hard drive. In the long term if there is a problem with the USB hard drive, reformatting should isolate any defective sector.

thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, I do not have an extra external hd to transfer to. tried to connect the drive again today but still no luck.