WD TV Live Plus is no longer able to connect to my wireless network

Since my first attempt to download the newest firmware I have had nothing but problems.  When attempting to download the firmware a error came back that my wireless connection was not stable enough to download.  Since then I am unable to connect wirelessly to my network at all with the device.  When I try and connect or add the network to the device…it sees the network and allows me to enter the wireless password but then it can’t connect, nor does it store the wireless network info.

When I try and use an outside source (iphone hotspot) I have no issues.

I connected via wire and did the WD TV Live Firmware Version 1.06.34_V firmware update and I am still having the same problem.  None of my other devices (IPAD, IPHONE, IPOD, 2 laptops) are having any connection problems either before, during or after. 

Try to rollback the firmware to see if the issue is on one of the recent firmware

Hi coryabt,

You can try doing a rollback on the firmware…

Here you have instructions on how to do that.