WD TV Live Plus HD resets after youtube video - new firmware fix only for certain models?

I have a WD TV Live Plus HD part number WDBABX0000NBK with the latest firmware 1.06.42_B and the device will reset itself right after a youtube video ends. This is the same problem many others were getting until there was a firmware update release that fixed it that took it to 2.01.86 but this update is for gen3 models. What about earlier models? It seems WD updated each generation on that date and if the new models received fixes for this why wouldn’t the old ones if the same update ruined the youtube feature on all generations? Does anyone else have this problem with the older models and is there anything I can do? I now wish I hadn’t updated my firmware via the auto update.

The discussion for the gen3 fix is here:


Hello, try rolling back to a previous firmware version. 

How to roll back the Firmware on a WD TV Live HD Media Player or WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player 

Wow !! what a suggestion. And you want Kudos star for that. 

So… you are suggesting to roll back for 1 bug and loose all other benefits, bug fixes rolled out in that version. Great !!!

… and keep rolling back till you reach the first version. This is a new methodology in software development.

Also by the way … I think OP is already aware that he should not roll back to 1.05.04 or earlier…


Does anyone know if there is a list history of previous firmwares? I can only now find the latest one thats about a year old. I had not updated my device in a while so I’m not exactly sure which firmware I even had before the update and since the final one ruined youtube, it would be nice to know if earlier versions were fine (can’t remember as I never used youtube before on my WD but now its really important; go figure).

Was Firmware Ver. 1.06.16_B really the last one until 1.06.43?

Hi MKH76, firmware rollbacks are not suggested as a solution, but as a troubleshooting step to rule out possible causes for the problem.

Agree Ichigo,

 However, in line with the issue, don’t you agree that by downgrading a consumer will lose all other benefits of the latest version. I think lots of people reporting here ( and many who do not report) are simply requesting that Youtube playback was busted in latest firmware and should be fixed. Nothing else…

Ichigo wrote:

Hi MKH76, firmware rollbacks are not suggested as a solution, but as a troubleshooting step to rule out possible causes for the problem.

MKH76 being a [deleted] is very helpful.  Thanks for your contribution.

damiantwins, my solution to this problem was to flash my WDTV LIVE PLUS with the BRAD custom firmware.  Has a version of YouTube that works.  You can even set it to 1080P when available via the webend!!! :smiley:  This custom firmware is very customizable and feature rich.  The version I’m using is found here:


Rolling back to a previous version is a solution ?? Then why did they release a new firmware if they can;t fix it.  LOL

I have the same problem here … after upgrading the firmware to 1.6 … WD TV Live plus became  You Tube Less.

it is just a broken **bleep** App now.

Common WD fix the bug . dont you thing  WD TV live plus buyer are worth of attention???