WD TV Live Plus hanging, rebooting

I have a WD TV Live Plus that was a Christmas gift, which until recently, has work flawlessly. The device is in our living room, next to the TV.

Recently, the device will hang, either on the screen saver or in navigating menus. Pulling the power plug is the only way to recycle the device once it happens. When booting back up, the device will come up, wait for a while trying to get an IP address, and reboot or hang again. It will do this some random number of times - as many as 10 - before coming back up. The device is using the original firmware ( which is how I know it did not have an IP address yet, as the ‘new firmware found’ message was not up yet ).

A computer & electrical engineer myself, I have to believe this is harware related, that something has gone awry ( particularly since the firmware has never been flashed ). Assuming this is the case, I would think it best to RMA the device? Please advise.


Have you tried resetting the unit via the side paperclip button. Press for 1 second and release with the unit fully booted up.

No effect - still randomly hangs. No devices plugged into it via USB either. :cry: