WD TV Live plus doesn't play 1080p

Hi everyone.

My name is Daniel, I’m Portuguese and this is my first message in this forum.

I recently bought a WD TV Live plus 1TB and started to copy my 1080p .mkv movies. But yesterday I started to explore my HD TV and I noticed that while I was playing any movie the resolution that my WD TV send to my HD TV was only 720p :S Why does that happen? My PS3 plays in 1080p quite well. It happens with all movies. Am I doing anything wrong?

Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you

Are you getting confused with the black borders at the top and bottom.

They can still be 1080p, but with a certain aspect ratio. A full screen 1080p film will have an aspect ratio of 16:9, a lot of movies made are not like that though.

I thought you had to recode Mkv files to play on a PS3, did you not recrop it to play on that ?

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I don’t play movies in my PS3 just games. But they are 1080p. My WD TV live Plus just in 720p. I say this because my HD TV as an option that give me the information of what resolution is being playing in that moment. And for the WD TV it says 720p

Ah ok, well there is an option to change it, maybe it does not like auto.

Settings  – Video and Audio Output

Video Output

And change it from Auto to 1080p 50hz

Then try that.

've got to try that later 'cause i’m at work. But i don’t remember seeing that option in the video output.

Its there alright, the only problem you may run into is that sometimes the hub does not remember the setting and defaults to 720p.

Ah actually it might be called something different in the Live Plus.

But its the same Idea.

wdtvhub wrote:

Ah actually it might be called something different in the Live Plus.


But its the same Idea.

It still the same you can either choose auto or pick your resolution.

Yes mate I get that, it was just the steps to get to that menu I was thinking about.


Video Output


You can then select auto or a fixed resolution.

Thanks a lot for the help.

I never noticed that option. Tonight i’ll changed it. By the way all the movies that i put in my WD TV are in MKV 1080p. Is  there any other format that gives me a better quality than what i’m using?

The file format has no immediate bearing on quality.

The same video stream can be in any file… putting the h.264 video stream into a .mp4 instead of a .mkv won’t change the contents of the video stream itself.

People generally use h.264 .mkv files because they can be considerably smaller than the mpeg stream straight from the BluRay with no visual change in quality.

But beyond what’s noticeable, the technical answer would be that your “best” quality would be to just use the original stream from your original disc, without any re-encoding.

But that same stream would be the same, no matter what container it’s packed into.

Ok i get it. Thanks a lot. Is there any tutorial or “how-to” on how to connecto my WD TV to my router wireless? I already have it that way but it is so slow to copy to my desktop to the WD TV. Really Really slow, like one movie with 15Gb takes about more than 3 hours to copy. My router is N and the wireless pen too

Hi everyone.

Thank you for the help you gave me. Yesterday i was able to change the resolution. :wink: Thanks a lot guys

Good to hear. 

Now, about that speed thing… Have you tried connecting the unit directly with an ethernet cable? If I were you, I’d try that and also connecting it directly to the computer instead of to the router. Connecting it with ethernet cable will tell you if the transfer speed is a wireless issue or not, and connecting it to the computer will tell you if its a network transfer issue or not. That way you can know the source of the issue and see if there’s anything that can be done about it. 

Jodamensil wrote:

 like one movie with 15Gb takes about more than 3 hours to copy

My math makes that a transfer of about 12Mbit/sec.

Certainly not stellar N-wireless performance.

Are there B- or G- devices connected at the same time that are slowing things down?

I don’t do wireless, but there’s many people around here who can help you troubleshoot.