WD TV Live Plus - DivX & MKV / Embedded Subtitles / File System / etc

Hi everyone !

Sorry for this new topic :manwink:, but there are a lot of posts in this Forum and I didn’t find the answers to my questions.  So, I’d appreciate your help.

I’d like to buy a " WD TV Live Plus" (WDBABX0000NBK-NESN) and I need to get answer to these questions:

  1. Does WD TV Live Plus support DivX and MKV files?
  2. Can WD TV Live Plus read the embedded subtitles (XSUB) on those video formats?  (Not SRT, embedded)
  3. What is the max size of the external HDD?

Thanks in advance!

1.) Yes, although I did have trouble playing mkv’s with the latest firmware when I first got it. Rolled back to firmware version 1.03.49 and everything has been smooth sailing since.

2.) I use handbrake to embed DVD subtitles, and my Live+ reads these just fine. These subtitles show up as spu or subt when I look at the codec information in VLC, so I am unsure if they are the same XSUB.

3.) I believe this is capped at 2 TB for the USB HDD, since even computers sometimes have issues supporting drives 3 TB or larger.

Check out this thread, I’m not sure it applies to the PLUS though.