WD TV LIVE Plus connecting problem with WD World Edition(White Light)

First off, I am okay with computers, know the basics and some advanced stuff. I don’t understand all the lingo and terms, though. 

I have two(x2)  1 TB WD World Edition (White Light) External Network Drives. I have movies stored on one of them and videos/pics stored on the other. Both are connected via ethernet to my router. 

I just bought a WD TV LIVE Plus. I connected it via ethernet to my router also, so it should be able to find stuff on my network.  

However, on the WD Live menu, if I look under video, I see both WD World Drives, however, it says “no media present” both. If I look under “Media Servers,” instead I see one of the WD World Drives only. The one I keep family videos on. I cannot get it to show the other WD World drive(with the movies) at all. 

Both drives are accessible via my laptop/my computer. Both drives should have the same settings. To check this, I logged in through WD DIscovery and can only access one World Book(the family videos). When I try to access the other drive(movies), it gives me a 503 ERROR. I can still access its folders through my laptop however cannot get into its admin. 

Anyone knnow why I can only see one drive and how come I can’t access the other drive’s admin settings? 

Thanks in advance.

Just guessing, but make sure that the NAMES of the two devices are unique.

The NAME is how they appear to other computers on the network, and they must be unique.

Also, all of the IP configuration needs to be correct, such as the IP address needs to be unique.