WD TV Live Plus - Can I create older images, DVD art, info ...etc

All - I know that we can’t create themes for the WD TV Live Plus… ut can we DVD thums, fanart, info, etc added so it will be recognized?  Using things like Mojo/Thumbgen?  If so… i still haven’t quite figured out how to work these processes.

I do know that we can add a folder.jpg file and get some basic folder images… but that is not the same thing.

I would appreicate any help!













Folder.jpg will appear as the thumbnail for that folder.

For a movie thumbnail, the jpeg needs to be named identically, except for the file extension.

“1960 - Dr. No.mkv”

“1960 - Dr. No.jpg”


thanks… this makes sense.  I had some luck doing it with one of my movie folders… but the WD Live plus interface is not veery good.  the folder and movie thumbnail images show up on top of a big folder icon… .instead of just replacing the icon with the jpg…does that make sense?   Example… when i flip to thumbview for Hulk… I’d like to see the Hulk jpg as the entire folder/movie icon… instead i see a large folder icon, with the Hulk as a smaller picture inset

Make sense?  I appreciate the reply!

Which firmware are you running?

Because when I browse to “Video”, my .jpgs all show up as large images with a small icon in the bottom right corner, not vice versa, for both the folders and the media files themselves.

I just ran the latest update via network update… 1.06 maybe… .i am not home now so i don’t know for sure.  Could the problem be the actual image I have?


see the link here:


My folder icons show up where the play button is… instead of being the main folder. 

edit: basically the picture shows up but is so small it isnt really effective as a thumb…

Mine look more like this: Screenshot

If there isn’t a thumb, then I get the large “default” image.

It could be that either it’s not finding the .jpg files because they’re not named quite right, or they could be bad.  What size are they? (both file size and dimensions?)

where do you get your thumbs?  I assume that your folder structure on your external HD looks lsomething like this:





So we are talking apples to apples… i have a WD Live plus… no built in storage.  I have 2.5 TB USB drive attached to my PC and i stream using shared media folders

I have WDTV Live, not Plus, but it should be functionally identical.

Here’s a sample from a drive attached directly to the WTDV:

Animated   [folder]

    folder.jpg    [thumbnail for the “Animated” folder]

    Ice Age    [folder]

        folder.jpg    [thumbnail for the “Ice Age” subfolder]

        2002 - Ice Age.jpg

        2002 - Ice Age.mkv

        2006 - Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown.jpg

        2006 - Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown.mkv

        2009 - Ice Age 3 - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs.jpg

        2009 - Ice Age 3 - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs.mkv


    Shrek    [folder]

        folder.jpg    [thumbnail for the “Shrek” subfolder]

        2001 - Shrek.jpg

        2001 - Shrek.mkv

        2004 - Shrek 2.jpg

        2004 - Shrek 2.mkv

        2007 - Shrek The Third.jpg

        2007 - Shrek The Third.mkv

        2010 - Shrek Forever After.jpg

        2010 - Shrek Forever After.mkv

    1964 - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.jpg

    1964 - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.mkv


Some of my folders have no further sub-folders, and are just a collection of media files and their thumbs.

My shared folders on the PC are identical in layout except I use a period to hide the thumbnail files:

Movies    [folder]


    Alien    [folder]


        .1979 - Alien - Director’s Cut.jpg

        .1986 - Aliens - Special Edition.jpg

        .1992 - Alien 3 - Special Edition.jpg

        .1997 - Alien Resurrection - Special Edition.jpg

        1979 - Alien - Director’s Cut.mkv

        1986 - Aliens - Special Edition.mkv

        1992 - Alien 3 - Special Edition.mkv

        1997 - Alien Resurrection - Special Edition.mkv


My thumb files are 200x300 and usually generated with Thumbgen, but I’ve made some manually as well.

So adding a period before the folder.jpg files allows the to function as images but not show up as files when using as media share?

Yes.  A period at the beginning of the filename turns it into a hidden file.  The WDTV will not display the .jpg file in the file list. :smiley: