WD TV Live Plus box turns on by self

I made my purchase 1 year ago.  When the electric power is resotred after an outage or a power interruption lasting more than 1 or 2 seconds, the TV Live box automatically turns itself on.  I received and installed a new transformer several months ago and the problem still persists.  When I return from a trip the box is on most of the time.  Either the box or the firmware is causing the problem.

Yes the the WD TV does turn on after power is restored. That was they way it was designed.

Search the forum and you will find multiple threads on this topic. Some people (like myself) like it this way others don’t. Either way it is hardly a show-stopper.

I leave mine on most of the time since, IMHO, as long as the adapter is plugged in it’s consuming power even when the WD is turned off. So I may as well have the convenience of not having to wait for it to boot up.