WD TV Live Plus box can no longer connect to Netflix after getting a WD TV Live (2011 model)

I just got my WD TV Live streamer in the mail and put it in the living room.  I took the WD TV Live Plus streamer out of the living room and put it in my bedroom.  The WD TV Live in the living room works perfectly, but now the old Plus streamer which is now in the bedroom can no longer connect to Netflix.

It loads for a long time and then goes to a “getting started” page, you hit OK on that and it loads forever again and says it can’t connect.  I reset it to factory defaults and I had to put my Netflix login information in again, then it just did the same thing.  At first the new WD TV Live device in the living room was on but I turned it off and the problem persists.

My Netflix account is in good standing, all my computers connect to it fine and so does the new streamer in the living room.  The old streamer in the bedroom worked fine with it before and it passes the network tests.  It’s connected with a hardwire, not wireless.

Any ideas?

ME TOO!,  this is annoying. I am using the Live Plus also. it’s the only streamer I have.

Not connecting to NETFLIX either. Been that way for days now. Occasionally it’ll connect and I can watch something. Usually if it does finally connect I can’t even browse the library.