WD TV LIVE PLUS and Windows Domain Networking = No go

I have just received this brand new WD TV LIVE PLUS and had a pretty high anticipation for the device. My requirement is pretty simple… As long as this box can connect to a network share and stream my ripped DVD (VOB, MP4, ISO Files) and play Netflix, I am a happy camper.

However, after tinkering with this box for hours, I came to realization that it does not support Windows Active Directory Domain Authentication :(** I tried to hit as much forum as possible to find out if anyone else out there has a resolution, but no luck thus far.

My WDTV can see my domain name, my computers inside the domains just fine. However when I go to File Management, or any other network shares area within WDTV, I think I am hitting an authentication issue as it brings up message “This network share can not be accessed”. After hours of troubleshooting and trying to move some of my DVD rips to a workstation with LOCAL WINDOWS AUTHENTICATION, I was then able to access my DVD rips.

Unfortunately, I don’t fancy moving my entire photos, mp3, dvds, movies share from my domain controller (which is running the file server) to my workstation.


  1. Does WDTV supports domain authentication? If yes, how can I make it work?

  - I tried the following user format to no avail (domain\username, username@domain, username).

  - I tried changing the workgroup value to no avail (domain, domain.com)

I am running the latest firmware: 1.03.29_B

Can anyone, or WD Staffer helps with this issue before I contemplate returning this box or ebay-ing it?