WD TV Live Plus and Vantec HX4R USB 3.0 external case in JBOD mode can't be seen

I have a Vantec HX4R (4 bay external USB 3.0 case with 4 - 3TB WD Green drives configured in JBOD mode (All 4 drives configured to look like one 12 TB drive)). I have used many other external drives connected to my WD TV Live Plus and never had a problem seeing them on the Television or across my network.

Here is the power on procedure I’ve used:

  • I’ve physically unplugged my WD TV Live Plus and turned off the Vantec drive.

  • Powered on the Vantec drive and let it go through it’s power up process. All 4 lights are Blue (means they have powered up)

  • Plugged in my WD TV Live Plus

  • The Vantec drive bay flashes blue on each drive so it knows there is a device attached to it.

  • The Vantec drive never shows up in the WD TV Live Plus menu or across the network.

Anyone have any suggestions?

WD TV Live Plus Firmware version 1.06.42B

I’m wondering if it could be that the Vantec drive is USB 3.0 ???

I have no problem buying a newer WD TV Live. Any suggestions?


This unit does not support the drive or capacity that you are trying to use at the moment.

The unit does support USB 3.0 devices as you can see in the list bellow: