WD TV Live Plus and Mediasonic ProBox Issue


I have the Live Plus, and just bought the Mediasonic ProBox ( http://mediasonicinc.com/store/product_info.php?pr​oducts_id=150), hoping I could connect it directly to the Live Plus.  The 4-bay enclosure works fine and recognizes all four drives when I plug into my PC, so I know it’s not a problem with it.  When I plug into the WDTV Live Plus, it only recognizes one of the four drives, which kind of defeats my intended use for it.  Upon researching around, it would appear that it’s an issue with how WDTV recgnizes drives, although I have not found a solution or workaround to the problem online.  I updated the firmware to the most recent version, but beyond that, I couldn’t think of what else to do.  Does anyone have a solution to this issue? I would assume it would be a similar issue with all multiple-bay enclosures and not just Mediasonic. 

Hi dude!!! So far a solution has not been found since the media player itself does not have an internal root hub monitor to identify multiple connections into a single port, if I were you, I’d open a request in the ideas section for a future update… But so far, the device is unable to do it (At least with base firmware).

I think you would get a lot of users to join the request…

I have a 4 bay ProBox connected via USB cable and is remote from any Computer. The WD TV LIVE behaves totally as we would wish with good results. The WD  player always connects to the Hard Drive at the top of the pile. I name each drive as BB/1, BB2,BB3, BB4. If I want content from Disc BB3 all I have to do is withdraw Disc 1 abd 2 for about 1 inch. This disconnects it from PRO Box and the WD player goes straight to the first disc it finds connected, which of course is BB3.  Advantages: None of the discs have to totally removed anymore…think…no  more fingermarks, accidently dropping onto tiled kitchen floors, dust free, safe from the DYSON as it is close to the Television. I have 4 2TB hard drives performing faultlessly on the WD at the moment and do not feel I have to touch wood when I say it !     It would be nice of course if the WD could be made to move up and down the pile if discs but have found the above to make up the shortcomings.  Give it a try.

Thanks for the input, that’s a good idea.  So just to confirm what you do:

If you want to watch something on drive 2 (in HDD slot two, for example), you merely disconnect HDD 1 by gently pulling it out an inch?  It’ll then automatically recognize HDD 2?  So do you always keep the plate off the enclosure for easy access?  I agree, it’s not ideal because you’ll still be causing “wear and tear” by constantly pulling them out and in, would you not?  It’s a good idea though.  My only though was to fully swap drives. 

Thanks for your response. You are quite right it may be inconvenient to leave the metal plate off for the period of your use but it has the other advantage of increased cooling from the fan at the back as there is far less resistance to the free flow of air.   One thing I forgot to mention is that I like the way WD player  allows the discs to “wind down” and then shuts the PRO BOX off for me when I shut down the WD.   I use the WD safe eject procedure prior to touching the drives in their parked bays…perhaps a bit over cautious.    I suppose it depends on what use you have for the WD player but if you have a library on a 2 TB drive you may not be needing to swap the disc very often.

Yeah, well, the pain is, I currently have two of the drives in use.  One is laoded with movies, the other for TV shows.  So it’s a pain because some days you want a movie, some days a show, or both.  I have however, been looking at one of Mediasonic’s media players.  Apparently they (not surprisingly) are compatible with their enclosures.  I wonder if it would be less hassle to just buy a Mediasonic box for $80 or so and call it a day?  Maybe then use the WD box for another TV in the house or something?  Anyone have any experience with Mediasonic Media Players?