WD tv live plus and DVD player

Hello guys, need some advice from all.

I have a plasma tv on the wall.

DVD player is right now connected to it using component cable.

I have just received a WD tv live plus and will be connecting to my TV via HDMI cable.

Is there a way to connect my DVD player to my WD tv live plus and WD to my TV?

DVD player —> WD tv live plus —> TV (via HDMI)

Can I do this?

User manual, page 18, shows a connection from HOME theather to WD tv using S/PDIF cable and finally WD tv to TV via HDMI. So I am curious if I can do this with my DVD player.

Thanks all in advance.


Not that I know. It has to be an individual connection.

Then do you know why HOME theather can be connected through WD tv live by S/PDIF?

I thought that I may assume my DVD player as HOME theather.

No, a DVD player isn’t a Home Theater System.

A Home Theater System consists of INPUTS for various components.

A DVD Player has OUTPUTs.

A DVD Player could be connected to a Home Theater System.

A WDTV could be connected to a Home Theater System.

But a DVD Player cannot be connected to a DVD Player.

Now, if your DVD player has an integrated Home Theater System IN it, then that’s a whole different thing.