WD TV Live Plus and Blockbuster on demand not working

For two nights I’ve tried renting a Blockbuster movie through my WD TV Live Plus and both times it starts the download process and when it gets to 99% it stops and never completes. As of 6/29/2011 I have the latest firmware on my WD. At first I thought the problem was with the attached 500gb usb drive but that’s not the case. I’ve also configured my wd to download to a network share (my mac) and it also downloads 99% never finishes downloading. I’ve attempted to rent a movie through CinemaNow and I get the same thing. It starts the download process but only gets to 99% and never finishes downloading. I can’t be the only person seeing this problem because I can reproduce this problem 100% of the time. Any help would be usefull.


Is it just the UI not updating to 100%, or is the movie actually unwatchable?

Thanks for the help.

Because it never reaches 100%, I never get the option to play the movie.


The movie is saved to the Hard Drive.     I don’t think you don’t need the BlockBuster app running to actually watch movies you’ve saved.

Worth a try…