WD TV Live Player won't stay connected

I have a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player and it seems that it won’t stay connected to my Windows 7 shares once the player goes idle (screensaver comes on). It’s like it times out because if I disable the player from going idle then it never disconnects (my issue with doing this is burning out my TV or whatever since the screensaver won’t come on). Sometimes coming out of idle, after a few moments the player will resume but most of the time I get a message about how the shared folder was disconnected and I need to go through the whole menus of logging back in. It’ll usually take a few tries before it connects to my shares and sometimes I need to re-enter my Windows credentials in the player.

Is there a setting somewhere where I can tell my router, or Windows 7 to maybe not disconnect from the WD TV Live player when it’s on, or to always allow connections from it, or something?

I have the latest firmware on the WD TV Live Player (2.01.86) and running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

Try assigning a static IP to the WDTV, that should give you a more stable connection. You can do this from the router or the WDTV settings menu. To do it from the WDTV check page 186 of the manual to setup the IP manually. 


Thanks for the response. What I did after I posted that thread is roll back my firmware to Firmware Ver. 1.16.13 and so far it seems to have resolved the issue. I’ll keep monitoring it and try the static IP trick if this doesn’t work.

So I’ve tested it for a few hours now and the WD TV Live Player has never been so responsive. It doesn’t disconnect after going idle, I don’t lose my network shares when the screensaver goes off and I haven’t been nagged with a password request. So the solution (for me anyway) was to revert back to  Firmware Ver. 1.16.13 

The only thing I wish I had was the newer YouTube app, but I can connect using my cell phone so it’s not so bad.

Dan, I posted the identical problem a while ago but was never able to find a solution.

Is there a link with a description of how to roll back the firmware?



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