Wd tv live play dvd iso & DAT files?

does wd tv live play …

1- dat files , which I can copy from inside of old VCD’s “mpeg” folder ?

2- dvd iso files which is image copy of dvd?


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  1. No.

  2. Yes.


but if I rename the file “example.dat” to “example.mpeg”. (without converting)

does it plays?

on pc it works but player on pc may be  plays both dat and mpeg.

but wd tv live ?

if yes; its very good and very easy to use.

if no, which convert program do you prefer for VCD converting.

and which format I need to convert.

avi (divx) format is good but if the VCD is old, the quality is not good. and dixv convert makes it worst.

can you help me please?

edit :

or does it play VCD ISO ??

Yes, you ought to be able to just change the extension of the .dat file to .mpg and it should play.

Just keep in mind that the video quality of VCD is pretty lousy.   It’s 1/4 the resolution of a DVD, and the compression is usually pretty severe.  So don’t expect the WDTV to do miracles… :slight_smile: