Wd tv live picky with passwords?

Hi, I bought a WD TV Live a couple weeks ago, and the first issue I had with it was that I couldn’t logon to my Windows 7 box with my regular account. I just got a cryptic message about the username/password not being correct, even though I had tried it a dozen times. In the end I just tweaked the local security policies that allowed me to logon with a blank password etc… but ofc that wasn’t the best solution.

Anyways, yesterday I decided to reinstall win 7 in another partition and decided again to give it a go with my username/password, still to no avail, but then I created a different account, and this time I only included letters in the password, and what do you know, it worked instantly. So basically my question is, has anyone had any success logging on to their windows account with complex passwords, including lower/uppercase letters, numbers and spaces? Tbh I’d prefer not to have a hidden account just for the WDTVLIVE.

Thanks for the info.  Hopefully it will help others.