Wd tv live or wd tv live hub


i want to have wd digital media player, but i am confused related to both of them.Is wd tv live has dlna support or not

Please clarify.

I will be oblige

WDTV Live HD / Live Plus / Live Streaming Media Players act as DLNA Clients and Renderers.

WDTV Live Hub does that, plus is a DLNA SERVER.

Does that help?

Interesting.  I did not know this about the Hub being a DLNA server, Tony.

Nevertheless, I prefer suggesting one not get the Hub but the diskless WD unit instead, because:

hard drives are cheap and you get more choices.

Also, if the HD in the Hub dies, it costs around $100 to buy the internal drive even if you install it yourself. The drive inside is not a top-of-line WD drive either.