Wd tv live or my book

My player is connected by USB to an external WD HD( My Book Essential),
until now everything is gona be OK, but from the last week the reproducción is going to stop and then rcontinuos


  • I’ve copied some files from the external HD to my PC and  them play them OK

by the way I think that something is wrong in the player or in the external HD.

  • I ran chkdsk utility but windows no found errors

My firmware version is 1.02.21

any idea?


Have you plugged your external HD into your PC and tried playing files from External HD? If they play fine, then try plug it back into the WD TV Live, and try powering it off, unplugging it from AC power for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in and power it on. Then try again.

I’ve try that tou say and then I write again.

Thanks for the reply 


Last night I’d play the files from My book (plugged to my PC), and it happens the same,

so I supuose that  the external HD is the problem.

Any idea about how can I fix My book without format it?