WD TV Live only sees files on my Seagate Wireless Plus occasionally

I have recently purchased a WD Live TV. I bought it to stream videos stored on my Seagate Wireless Plus HDD. When I start the WD TV Live and connect to the Wireless Plus (which is a hit and miss affair in itself) it will only see the first file stored on the HDD. After about 40 minutes it may see other files but this isn’t guaranteed. This is extremely frustrating. Is there a fix for this problem? I am less than impressed.

Are you connecting to the Seagate via Samba (Network Share) or Media Server?

Via Media Server

heavytrev wrote:

Via Media Server

… then the issue is most likely with the SWP.   The WD can only list the files the SWP tells it about via its miniDLNA server.

I would check with another DLNA client and see if the situation is any different.

Thanks for the advice. I have moved all files on the Seagate into one root file and now the WD Live is seeing them all so the problem has been resolved.