WD TV Live only plays in Stereo

Hi I have been using our WD TV Live for a year or so and it has only ever output a stereo signal via optical out to our receiver (which auto decodes and shows the signal received). I have checked the audio settings and it is set of dolby digital pass thru. I checked several files and the on screen box shows MPEG or AAC. To be honest I don’t know if the files we are playing actually have a dolby digital signal encoded on them. We were given the files by a friend who downloaded them. How can I check whether the files have a dolby digital signal soundtrack and if there is one get the WD player to output it Thanks in advance Solar Paul

Install MediaInfo on your PC to examine the video files


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The WD cannot decode multi-channel AAC so it will always be stereo only.  There are tools that can convert the audio to a multi-channel format compatible with the WD if you wanted to go that route.