Wd TV Live - only lists first 70 videos from my external hard drive

Hi -

WD displayed all of the video contents originally; after I renamed most of the files to Russian, it now only shows the first 70 items in alphabetical order. How do I get the rest to appear?


Name’em back.  ;)

Seriously,  perhaps there’s some illegal characters in the list?

Started doing that, list keeps at 70 - removes last Russian entry and adds new English one. No guarantee it will not quit on me at 70 anyway. I was just wondering if there is a better way.

Tony might be right, though – but you first need to delete the catalog file (assuming you have the media catalog turned on, which it is by default).

It’s a tiny little file on your hard drive (called WD something).  Delete it so the catalog can be rebuilt (after you rename things).

Well, being lazy and all - I just  moved all extra files to a subfolder (effectively keeping the total number of root items under 70). Subfolder displayed all 292 files :)  Buffled as to why it worked but at least I did not have to spend another day renaming everything. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that WD does not bail on me again and stops displaying subfolder contents.

Oh, these files were all in a ROOT folder?  You didn’t say that.

There used to be an old DOS root limit on the number of files, and it’s quite possible there is something similar on the Live – I don’t know, I never wanted that many files on a root in ANY disc I’ve ever had.