WD TV Live not works in HDMI

Good afternoon, a few days ago that I have the WD TV Live, until yesterday it worked properly for HDMI and optical audio, I turned it on last night when I saw the screen with a greenish tint and the WD logo very pixelated, at the onset menu is almost impossible to see the icons and content

If I plug component is perfect, if I put it on another TV with HDMI is perfect, but the funny thing is I have a Freeview HD and if I plug the same HDMI if it is perfectly

In short, the TDT HDMI is perfect, the WD TV Live is not all from last night, a couple of days was perfectly

PS: I used the google translator because I speak Spanish

Una pregunta, tienes la configuración del HDMI en el WD TV en automatico? Si es asi, trata de ponerlo en una resolucion fija; trata la mejor posible para tu televisor.

Pues lo puse en 720P 50 hz y nada, el caso es que en la tv pequeña de arriba va bien con el HDMI, incluso le puedo dar la resolución que quiera

Estas son dos capturas de lo que me ocurre

The issue you are experiencing is very common.

Your digital TV HDMI port requires calibrating.

Refer to your user manual, there should be a calibrate HDMI setting, select the HDMI port, press the remote button, the HDMI port should auto calibrate.

to calibrate the HDMI setting is usually done little more color and I do not think touching contrast, brightness and stuff solves the problem


HDMI calibration has nothing in common with adjusting the contrast and brightness of the display. HDMI calibration is the calibration of the digital handshake signals to lock in the correct HDMI resolution.

I have calibrated a number of digital TV’s exhibiting the same symptoms as you have posted.

I suggest that you Google HDMI Handshaking.

The following article written by a video expert will explain HDMI Handshaking and how to resolve the issue.

HDMI/DVI HDCP Handshake Problems - 网站首页 - HDMI

cn. hdmi.org/pdf/whitepaper/Avoiding Handshake Problems.pdf

That looks to me like a bad HDMI cable or port.

It may be a colorspace issue, which you can change in the HDMI menu of the WD.

Freeview is a marketing name for a digital TV that contains a digital or analogue tuner that is capable of receiving free-to-air digital television. Freeview does not affect the function of digital TV HDMI ports.

According to the original post the WDTV Live works perfectly when plugged into a HDMI port on a Freeview digital TV. That confirms that the WDTV Live is generating the correct HDMI signals.

The complaint is that the original digital TV HDMI port where the WDTV Live was plugged into is not working. A bad HDMI cable or a damaged HDMI port is a possibility, so is a HDMI cable that has been knocked or worked loose. (women using a vacuum cleaner) There is also a possibility that someone has played around with the setting using the remote control.

The most obvious solution is to remove the HDMI cable from both the digital TV and the WDTV Live HDMI ports and reinsert the HDMI cable. If the digital TV HDMI port does not work; plug in another HDMI device into that port, DVD or bluray player, and confirm that the digital TV HDMI port actually works. Once there is a confirmation that the digital TV HDMI is working correctly then confirm that the WDTV Live settings are correct.

only did the test with the Set Top Box connected via HDMI, I will try the DVD which also connects to HDMI