WD TV Live not playing MTS files properly

I bought my WD TV player late last year. It does not play mts files properly and is so frustrating. It would play for a while but then freezes. It says to eject the hard drive as it has been disconnected. I thought something was wrong with my external hard drive (WD too) or the file format or something else. Tried all and wasted heaps of time. Now I am convinced something is not right with the WD Live player.

You may resetting your SMP by holding its reset button for one second, you may also try playing back your MTS files from another USB drive, and if possible from a network location, in order to compare results.

Thank you for your suggestion. Reset WD Live player, but same thing happened after 2 mins. It froze reading from the WD external hard drive. Usually the hard drive blinks when it is reading. I noticed it stopped blinking when that happened.  Then a message appears that drive has been disconnected, nand no more files appear under videos or photos.

I have checked playing avi files from the same hard drive, and it could play both avi and mkv files for 2 hours each with no problems. (So I can tell there is noothing wrong with the hard drive. Likewise a computer check showed no errors in the hard drive). But each time I play mts files from my Sony Video camera I have this problem.  Both the WD Live player and WD hard disk were bought new.

Anything else I can try? I am now trying the USB 2 connection at the front of the media player (instead of USB 3 at the back).  Thanks again for any suggestions.