WD TV Live not connecting to Passpot anymore

Trying to reconnect my WD passport to my WD TV LIVE unit. (WDBHG70000BK)

Have tried everthing from complete reset to factory settings to reconnecting the HDD to my laptop to make sure it ejected properly which it has and I can access my files from the HDD when it’s USB connected to my laptop.  I have the 1.09.10 FW update and my HDD is updated too. I’ve tried both the front and the reear USB. The HDD is getting power and even looks like it’s connecting to the LIVE TV box since it blinks on and off when I connect the two.

What file system is the drive formatted?

Did you also try updating the firmware on the passport?  

Reattach to lap top and perform error check/correction on the drive.

Windows and as I said in the original yes the HDD is updated. Nothing changed on the HDD from when it worked before.

Delete the hidden wdtv folder on the drive when you have it connected to your PC, reattach it to the SMP and it should find it again.