WD TV Live - no network shares

Usual suspect - When i go to network Shares on my WD it just spins and spins for ages…

System: Windows 8.1, shares setup as per this forum, WD has latest firmware, same Workgroup, etc.

Thank you


I’m assuming that you’ve had network shares before?  

I had this problem after a power failure.  My WDTV’s showed the spinning orange circle.  I knew that I already had the master browser set, so I did a restart of the boxes. Thats under Setup/System/Device Restart.  The device will take about 90 seconds to restart and connect to the network.   Then look at your Windows Shares and the box should restart populating with your network shares.  

Even though I’m at the older firmware and am on Windows 7 pro, I’d try the reset. 

Cheers for info,

I did restart and even factory reset today. Also did firmware downgrade… Still same…

make sure windows clock is close to what the wdtv shows i had some thing like that if the times are off the two wont connect to each other 

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Yep, you were right. Clock (even do it showed UK, London) were one hour behind. As soon as i changed it - all works fine!!

Many many thanks!! :smiley: