WD TV Live No Longer Plays Local Videos

My WD TV Live has been working flawlessly until today. I have the unit networked and can play YouTube videos without any problems, but suddenly I cannot play videos that have been working until today. I have a WD external drive connected to one USB port and a thumb drive connected to the other USB port, plus my home computer coming through the network. All I get now is the endless loading circular arrow when trying to watch local videos. Firmware is up to date and all videos I’m trying to watch have previously worked as of a couple of days ago. When I try and view the stored videos, I get the endless loading circular icon. I have tried to recyle the power with and without the peripherals connected, but no luck.

I have the same problem loading videos from my external hard drive. Worked fine up to today. It usually prompt me if there is a new update so I’m confused what happened. If I unplug then plug back in certain files will play the first time but then the next ones don’t load. I just get the contact orange loading circle. And tips or suggestions on how to fix this is appreciated.

Problem solved. If a corrupted video file is played, it locks up the unit. Just pull the power plug, let it sit for a minute then turn power back on. It should work fine now.

Hi, I have a similar problem, using my previous router Wi Fi connection, I could access WD external hard drive for films and pictures onto TV. Since changing to Optus Fetch with new modem/router, looped to hard drive, It shows no videos nor pictures available via WD TV live.  It cannot be accessed via Fetch, which says you can accesss your own media player, nor can it work independant of Fetch. Identical User names and passwords are required at both computer setup and fetch setup Completely confused., I hope someone can help.

This didn’t solve my problem.  I have tried playing 2 different external HD’s, several different files and it just spins.  I tried resetting to factory settings and even checked the drives on my other media player (Micca) and they both work fine.  I even let my WD cool completely down for an hour with a fan blowing on it, thinking it got too hot.  Yesterday, it worked fine, today, nothing.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE:  The first file I tried to play was corrupt and then it wouldn’t play any file after that.  I found the corrupt file, deleted it and did a simple ‘long press reset’ from the remote (found this suggestion in another post) and this worked - yay!