WD TV LIVE = No Canada Netflix, who's at fault, who do we complain to?

The fine print couldn’t of been smaller but it’s there " US ONLY"

I would rather stick with WD since it’s fully capable of 1080 vs Apples 720 and would like to at complain to the right people. Is the licensing the problem with WD or Netflix?

Yes, this is the same with almost all streamers. 

Almost all media players/streamers that carry Netflix for US only.  WDTV, Seagate Freeagent Theater +, Wii, Xbox 360, etc., all state: Netflix (US only), most in fine print no less.

I do have to stand correct from another post (because I looked at the US site not the Apple (Canada) site), apparently Netflix is available on the Canadian version of Apple TV.  But is it worth giving up one thing for another?  And there is a work-around (or will be) for the HUB, you can use get PlayOn media server, which has Netflix Canada (I’m not sure if this is out of beta yet or not).

I would like to see WD / Netflix resolve this as my primary solution but thanks for the link.


This is a reply to my own posting left on another forum (i.e. the PlayOn Media Server Forum). I have a WD TV Live Hub using firmware version 2.02.24 (i.e. lastest firmware as of Dec.31, 2010).

This is an update. After calling Netflix Canada and asking about Playon media server support in Canada they told me they didn’t know and that I should contact the PlayOn folks. So I contacted them via email and they confirmed that it should work with Netflix Canada.

So I called Netflix Canada back and had them reactivate my account. The person on the line still did not know anything about Playon support etc.

So after doing this I tried connecting and it worked! i.e. I was able to browse and play the media content thru my WD TV Live Hub! i.e. so it looks like by using the PlayOn Media server I am able to use the Netflix Canada service thru my WD TV Live Hub!..haven’t tried watching a full movie yet but so far so good.

Thanks for the PlayOn link


You still need a PC hooked up for Playon to work. Since this does work though, I wonder how we can just network the WD Live to the PC Netflix and let Neftlix work?

So why is it so difficult for WD to have Netflix work in Canada?

Lightower wrote:


So why is it so difficult for WD to have Netflix work in Canada?

It’s probably NOT difficult, at least from a TECHNICAL point of view.

However, there’s so much more going on that you or I won’t be privy to, such as contracts, licensing costs, revenue assurance, etc. etc…

Yeah, this is most likely NOT a technical issue.  The technical solution is probably just upgrading to the latest Netflix API.

That would get us Canadian support, Search functions, and possibly a better UI.

However, they’re not committing to doing that at this point.

To us, it seems like a no-brainer.

Given the lack of other media streamers supporting Canadian Netflix (right now, the only dedicated media streamer is AppleTV), it seems there is some kind of obstacle from Netflix’s end.  Most likely, it’s licensing issues.

Direct your complaints to BOTH parties.  :)

I did. If I’m having a bad day, I call Netflix to complian:smiley:

Lightower wrote:

I did. If I’m having a bad day, I call Netflix to complian:smiley:

They must love you.  :D

What excuse do they give you (if any) ?

Depending on who I get ( must of gone through the entire bunch by now)

-licensing agreement issues

-server location

-soon but not sure

-Melting icebergs causing magnetic interference on any device working at 500mhz!


I dont think its Netfliks or WD that isat fault, but rather Rogers, who provide the ‘On-Demand’ of movies.

Why would Rogers allow another company to provide the same services to its customers?