WD TV Live NO audio on high definition recordings (UK)

I recently bought the WD TV Live media streamer player and used it to connect to a Panasonic DMRPWT520 hard disk recorder. All is working but I get NO audio on any high definition (HD) programs I have recorded.

I tested it be recording the same BBC1 program on both normal and BBC1 HD but only got sound on the normal BBC1 program.

Information I get from WD Option Menu:

 BBC1 Digital: (all works fine)

  • Video codec: MPEG
  • bit rate: 1Kbps
  • Size 2.07GB
  • Audio codec: MPEG

 BBC1 HD: (No audio)

  •  Video codec: UNKNOWN
  • bit rate: 1Kbps
  • Size: 6.24GB
  • Audio codec: AAC

Any pointers?



Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.


Getting hold of the file is a little difficult, since the Panasonic recorder is using DLNA and the only Windows software that can read it is Windows Media Player and can’t copy it to local PC.

I will see if there is anyother software out there which can copy the file so that I can then run mediainfo on it…