WD TV Live ( New version ) network problem


I just got my new WD TV Live and it seems like a nice device, execpt, i cant see it on my network !

Ive followed several guides and nothing works.

I cant see the WD TV live in windows. Only one place, i can see it and its here ( danish so, cant explain what it is called in english )


It doesnt show up in network other then in the picture i posted.

Ive tryed just about anything i can think of now. And just cant get it to work. It connects fine to the network, and i can go on the internet with it ( youtube etc ) but it doesnt show up in windows, other in the picture i posted.

Im runing windows 7 64 bit.

Im starteting to get very anoying, because it seems like and easy fix, but i just dont know how to do it !

Have you try to use the WD Link Sofware?


To get networking to work:

  1.  Make sure that the “Workgroup” in WD Live TV network setup screens is set to the name of your home network.

  2.  Set network settings in WD Live TV to manual and enter a valid IP address.  By having a Static IP address and not Dynamic, your link will be more consistent.

  3. I tried playing ripped VOB files from a network drive (one connected to the router one on a computer) and they would play, but very slowly, with a burst at the begining.  I then tried .mp4 files and they played fine.  So somehow its not handleing the size of the VOB files well over the network, but as a local drive it works fine.

These changes may require you shut everything down (yes unplug everything, wd, router, modem, computers if sharring drives)

With these changes I could get everything working fine.