WD TV Live network sharing

I recently got one of these, and I know if I plug a wireless router into it I can put it on a wireless network to share files etc from the computer. However if I was to do this, would it be possible to share something I am streaming from online on my computer with the media player? Or is it only stuff that is kept on the computer.

Is there any way to be able to play streaming media through the player, apart from the ones with built in apps on the player?

Sorry, I am not very tech savvy, so probably an obvious question.

Sorry I just realised I should’ve put this under the networking section, but its to late, so would be great if someone could still help me out :slight_smile:

Or is it possible to somehow adjust what appears in the internet media menu? I am not in the states so some of that is in there isn’t really applicable to me anyway, but I would love to be able to connect to tv3 on demand and four on demand in my country, especially as the ISP I am considering allows unmetered access to this, and some similar streamed radio as well. Is there anyway of modifying this? Will consider any suggestions

Nope… You’re limitted to the services that WD provides.