Wd tv live network dont work with mac os x 10.7 lion

new mac os x 10.7 lion has no samba (smb) no more. apple use his own smbx…

You can maybe try to install samba3 via macports. 

Just wanted to add that using the Samba3 from Macports indeed fixes the problem, but you need to know what you are doing. It is mostly straightforward if you have some experience on the command line and samba 3 (you need to adapt your own smb.conf). The only little thing you may need to know is that (besides disabling file sharing in the preferences), you need to make sure that /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.netbiosd.plist is not started by LaunchDaemon (I just moved it away) - otherwise launchd will block the port you’ll need for starting nmbd.

thanx for yor answer. i dont try it, because i DONT know what i do ;-) 

i dont have a notion about command lines and samba3. i use my usb stick and wait for a better and easier solution.

i use the app “playback” with my wd tv life before to use the playlists in iTunes. now i tested it and it worx still wit my mac lion and wd tv live :wink:
start playback, share your folders with your movies etc., put in the ip from your wd live and thats it.

I would expect WD to release update to make the product compatible with Lion Samba version.

OSX Lion does not include Samba. Apple replaced Samba with their own proprietary implementation of CIFS filesharing which they call SMBX. SMBX is not compatible with many embedded Linux devices that run Samba, one instance being the WDTV Live devices.

You can find out how to install the true Samba on OSX Lion here- http://forums.boxee.tv/showthread.php?t=38629

With some tweaking this should restore the functionality that OSX previously had.

The point is not me to tweak things for which I have properly paid for.

WD will have to go with the stream and make the necessary firmware update to support newer protocols.

I don’t think it is Western Digital to blame, but rather Apple. Samba (which is also used on the WD TV Live) has been working fine for many years.

jborko wrote:

The point is not me to tweak things for which I have properly paid for.

WD will have to go with the stream and make the necessary firmware update to support newer protocols.

Why does WD “have” to?

The device works with Windows sharing, as it is advertised to.

It’s Apple’s implementation that no longer works… and no longer works with any Linux shares, not just WD’s.  WD tweaked nothing.

So, WD is supposed to drop their use of Samba, which is industry standard, and write a whole new transfer protocol, that works with both Windows CIFS and Apple’s botched protocol?

Even if WD did say yes to this ludicrous plan, they’d be forever trying to write and test their new protocol.

Goes both ways… But if you read the info Apple was blamed for using open sourced Samba, and they had to drop it because of legal issues. (New licence of Samba that forbids for it to be used on products that are being comercially sold)

So they should resolve the things amongst them selves…

Oh and BTW Apple SMBX shares work on Windows computers… So its only Linux to accept the new game…

Yes, but the manual specifically says it works with Leopard and Snow Leopard, and that it works with Samba shares.   There’s nothing that says it would work with SMBX or Lion.

The WDTV isn’t doing anything “wrong”.  Nothing has changed.

Lion users have “upgraded” to an incompatible system.

Well I’ve seen a few different threads on this topic and it seems nobody has a great solution, however I too have a WD Live HD device and likewise I upgraded to Lion to find to my dismay that SMB doesn’t work anymore. But I think I’ve found a work around.

In the Apple App Store there a piece of software called MediaShare, the software is ■■■■■ proof, you just add the foders you want to share and hit the play button. This then uses UPnP to share your desired folders and hey presto now the WD Live box can see all your shares again and you’ll be able to play all your media again. The app isn’t free its £1.49 but it’s well worth the money if you cant be bothered waiting for WD or Apple to come to some kind of compromise with each other.

So give it a try. Hopefully it’ll solve everybodys issues on this whole Lion and WD Live not working scenario, if anyone finds a cheaper or free solutions thats just as easy to implement then let us all know. I had this solution working in 30 seconds, its a piece of cake.

I think probably everyone know about this obvious “workaround”. The problem is that DLNA is unstable and doesn’t properly support subtitle files (without reencoding).

having tried various options, including a try at installing SAMBA but that appeared to be a bit scarey, I decided on the free TVMobiLi


It is simple to install and works for me.

Unfortunately, tvmobili doesn’t play ISO, doesn’t play mkv- it’s really worthless even it’s free!!!

For what it is worth, Samba just released 3.6.10 a few days ago which will support Lion. Perhaps it is worth an Ideas post asking for a Samba update in a future firmware release?

+1 for this idea

I wish WD would hurry up and fix this. They had a very long time to make sure their products would continue to work with Lion. What did they do during the entire Lion beta period? Nothing? Pretty sad that WD just leaves their customers alienated like this for so long.

Until the Samba people wrote a new version of Samba that would work with Lion’s SMB2, what precisely is it you think WD should have been doing?

Until WD had software provided to them that would work with Apple’s decision to not support SMB shares, WD’s hands were tied.

You could have always re-written Samba during the Lion beta period, so that WD would have proper software available to them. :wink:

Or, simply not upgraded to an operating system that was known to not work with any device that used Samba (limiting Windows Sharing essentially to only Windows PCs and Macs, and cutting off all hardware devices like NAS drives and media players.)