WD TV Live Network active during standby ? Port 30000 open ?!

Dear community,

I recently scanned my network and figured out that my WD TV live (with newest firmware) is online 

even it is switched of.

Find below the Nmap result:

  1. Is it ok that the WDTVLIVE is active in the network during standby ?

  2. Do you know what port 30000 does ?

Thank you a lot.

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Nmap scan report for WDTVLIVE (
Host is up (0.018s latency).
Not shown: 997 closed ports
80/tcp open http
8009/tcp open ajp13
30000/tcp open unknown

I think you are looking for problems that are not present.  My router shows everything connected to it  – even things that WERE connected and are now turned off  (WDTV, included)  If I have my router rescan the network, these turned off devices disappear from the laundry list of connected devices.

Also, you posted your message in the older WD devices forum, and when these devices are off, thay are really off.  But if you have a newer WD SMP, it has a standby mode, so that when it is “off” it really isn’t unless you force it to be completely off.

I’m not surprised

standby is well standby

only way to truly power off is pull the cord

WDLXTV does have a deep sleep option which turns off the usb and ethernet ports

regardless, I’m not too concearned

and actually prefer my WD to be reachable in standby

I often make a few adjustments

pull some logs etc … while device is in standby

Mike - you are correct about standby in regard to the live plus but at least some of the standard old lives do only have standby without even an off. In this state you can scan their services. I think there was a hardware update when the live plus was introduced that made it turn completely off when pressing the power button (except power to the remote receiver of course). This hardware update may have been passed on to the old live but certainly my old live has standby only.

Rich,  Yes, when my Live Plus is “off” via the remote button, I can turn it back on with remote, so it really is not off (as when the plug is pulled). 

In any event, I think the OP likely has an SMP (he said it was “new”  – heck, maybe it’s even a TV Play) and the point I was making is that the OP is looking for gremlins when there really aren’t any in his situation.  And, Port 30000 open?  What does that matter?  The guy didn’t say he has “problems”  – he just had questions that, from the look of things, are inconsequential.  Of course, I could be mistaken, but this would be the first time!  :wink: