WD TV Live Netflix random sound drops - possible workaround found?

Hi all,

I’ve been pretty frustrated with the Netflix performance.  The sound will suddenly stop when paused, or if you go to the main WDTV menu then try Netflix, etc.  I understand this is a known issue.  Yesterday, I decided to try and hit the ‘mute’ button on the WDTV remote control.  I pressed it a couple of times and ----- SOUND!

The last few times that Netflix has popped up with no sound, I’ve used the ‘mute’ button on the WDTV remote and the sound comes back!

Hopefully this will help WD get the glitch fixed, but until then - try it out!

Note - I’m using an HDMI cable for video and sound.

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I had this issue for the first time this morning and the mute button did fix it. Thanks for sharing this.

Hmmmm… It’s been working pretty good for me.  Sometimes you have to hit it a few times before the sound comes on.  And so far that hasn’t worked only one time.  That time I had to just go to the Netflix menu (not reset the WDTV), then back to resume playing, then the mute button brought the sound back again.

Hi, Same problem for me. My WD always starts without sound, i click mute and SOUND.

I have it connected to a DENON receiver via HDMI.

Did you found a solution?