WD TV Live - Netflix Authetication

I just got a WD TV Live player and it randomly logs me out of my netflix account asking that I reactivate it.  With my other players (Roku / Seagate) Netflix has a code that I authenticate at the netflix.com site.  With WD I have to type in my username and password (a pain with the on  screen keyboard and left, right, up, down controls).  With those players I have never had an issue wher i have had to revalidate the netflix account. 

Any help or feedback in why I am constantly asked to re-authenticate?

Happens to me too, although not too often. Apparently, it happens when the application has trouble loading a movie (i.e. loading bar stalls). You may be able to escape from this happening by aborting before it’s too late and the message appears. It’s certainly a bug.

Here’s the ISSUE Report for that bug.

Please VOTE for it.