WD TV Live - Netflix Authetication

I just got a WD TV Live player and it randomly logs me out of my netflix account asking that I reactivate it.  With my other players (Roku / Seagate) Netflix has a code that I authenticate at the netflix.com site.  With WD I have to type in my username and password (a pain with the on screen keyboard and left, right, up, down controls).  With those players I have never had an issue wher i have had to revalidate the netflix account. 

Any help or feedback in why I am constantly asked to re-authenticate?



I have this same problem, and just bought a new router because I thought it might be the issue. Now I discover it’s actually the WD TV Live itself. Very disappointing. I bought it at Costco in December, and it will be returned there shortly if this problem persists. The Roku just became available in my area, so that will be my new device if the WD TV Live has to go back.

When Netflix access is the main reason for buying a device, you want it to work flawlessly with Netflix.

Happening to me too - apparently they know it’s messed up.  I  'm sure the mext hardware box they make might get it right - too bad for all of us though.