WD TV Live - Netflix audio issue & loss of connectivity


I hope I am posting this in the right spot.  We have a WD TV Live and a Harmony Ultimate Hub.  Whever we open Netflix and play a show/movie there is often no sound.  The only workaround we have found is to open the WD app on the iPhone, mute and then unmute the volume control on the app and then we get sound.  

We have ensure that all firmware is up to date, that the activity points to the right devices, etc.

We also find that the WD stops receving commands from its own remote, the Harmony remote or any apps periodically and needs to be unplugged, plugged back in a rebooted.  

Any suggetions out there?


Hi YellowSteve, welcome to the Community. have you tried doing a simple power cycle? If you have the latest firmware update installed, you can try doing a roll back to a previous version to verify if the same problem continues, Check the link below for more information on this. 

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player, or WD TV Media Player