WD Tv Live need rebooting very often

My WD Tv Live needs to be rebooted every day, and it seems as it is getting worse, so now i need to reboot a couple of times every day.

I have updated to latest firmware (as of april 2nd 2010), and i watch AVI’s, ISO’s and MKV’s from my NAS. But it seems that i often get the spinning blue ‘blocks’ that keeps on forever, some times when i start a movie, if i pause a movie etc. Only way to resolve the issue is to pull power cord, and plug back in to reboot unit.

Has anybody had the same issues as i do? I had hoped the new firmware might have resolved this, but it did not.

Please advise, any suggestion is very welcome :slight_smile:

(i’ve tried to set unit to static IP, in hope it might help, but it seems it have not).

After you updated the firmware did you do a factory reset as well as then pull out the power cord?  (These things seem to help).

No Sir, i did not. I will try this right away :slight_smile:

I have the same problem.  I have tried everything, different firmware, factory reset, etc.  Nothing helps.

Unfortunately, resetting to box did not help at all.

Every time i boot the box (allmost everytime) i get the spinning blue ‘blocks’ as soon as i put a movie to play.

Any input is very welcome :slight_smile:

It may be that the WDTV is hanging up on one or more of your videos’s. See if you can identify which videos work and which don’t.

Sorry, that cannot be the answer, as i have tried on tons of different video’s (AVI, MKV). By tons, i mean at least 20-30 different files.

As soon as i have recycled power, it works fine though.

Hi, same thing happens to me. I turn it on, I play a movie, I stop it, I turn it off (pressing the off button - suspension), I turn it on back (from standby I’m assuming), it shows the main menu and it stops there, it hangs and I can’t do anything except disconnecting the power and plugging it back again. Then it’ll work just fine.

Please, help…

By the way, I have read this happens to other people too…

Helpppp… thanks

I also have this same problem. It seems to me that the WD live is crashing and with me i am able to hit home and go back to the menu. However when i do this the menus are extremely slow. Now it will not play any movies or music from the network. A reboot and its responsive and plays ok again. But that only lasts for 1 or 2 files if i even make it thru that many before it freezes again.

Anyone have some input as to why this is? I have tryed updating firmware and downgrading firmware. It seems for me to happen less with 1.01.17 firmware so thats what im currently on. Also i have used the d-125 from dlink and tryed a network bridge adaptor. I get same results from both so i dont believe its the network connection or files.

I assume that everybody with these problems have:

reset to factory defaults in the internal menu.

reset the unit using the side button (a quick press with a paperclip with the unit on)

Disconnected the unit from the power adaptor and left it without any power for a few minutes. (not seconds)

Perhaps do all in a row before attempting to play anything.