WD TV LIVE + My Book Studio II 6TB


I have a WD TV Live HD (2nd. Gen + firmware: 1.06.34_V) with an 2TB and 3TB USB disc working fine. Now both discs are full and so I bought a:  My Book Studio II 6TB (2 x 3 TB - Raid 0) to replace my old 2 TB disc.

My problem is that my WD-Player (2nd.Gen) don’t find the new 6 tb disc.

My request:

  1. Can someone confirm that this is not supportet

  2. Can someone recomand another player, that has no problem with My Book Studio II

PS:  Sry for my bad english and thanks for your efforts

Hello, as far as I know the largest supported size, is 3TB for all WDTVs.

Following I found here in the forum:


I’ve bought the new WD TV Live (third generation) and it works.  :smiley: