WD TV Live + My book 0 direct connection?

My router is sitting on another floor and I was thinking about purchasing the WD TV Live (with wifi) to, not only:

  • streaming

  • connecting My Book directly to the WD TV Live.

The My Book I have (white case, older model) has an ethernet port to connect directly to router and the USB is purely for extra storage , as in connecting another drive.

Question: does the Ethernet port in WD TV Live would work for connecting the My Book to it?


Well, yes and no.

If you plug anything into the Ethernet port, the WiFi will be disabled.

So if all you want to access is your My Book, then yes, you can make that work with some maneuvering.

But if you want to access both the MBL *and* your larger home network / internet via WiFi, then no.

Tks for the swift reply.

I guess I have a choice to make then… Cheers