WD TV Live - Music - Artist Issues

I have just got a new WD TV Live, updated the firmware to 1.09.10 and connected it to a media server/networked hard drive (wired connection).  I have 2 questions/issues:

  1. When playing music the Playing Now screen displays the Composer details where it should be displaying the Artist details at the top and bottom of the screen!  (Interestingly, if I connect to an exact copy of the music on a networked Windows PC instead of the networked drive then the Artist details are displayed correctly.)  Any ideas?
  2. I would really like to select music by Album Artist instead of just Artist (which is Track Artist) in order to keep the length of the selection list down to a manageable size. I know I could select by Folder (because I have them organised by Music/Artist/Album) but then the tracks are played alphabetically which is not ideal. Again, any ideas?

Many thanks.

Are you getting the files via media server or folder shares?

Media server will have more limitation regarding file info