WD TV Live messed up after connecting a projector

I connected my WD TV Live to a BenQ Projector W1070, the WD media box worked fine with the projector. I then connected the WD media box back to TV but it stopped working and I can only get to a distorted/ghost image of the WD banned but unable to get into the main menu, then after a few minutes of flickering/ghost image of the banner i get a message from TV " mode not supoported", I tried to reset the WD box to the factory default but that didn’t do anything. I though of upgrading the firmware via the usb after downloading the files on the PC but as i couldn’t get in to the setting options i was not able to upgrade the firmware.

I then borrowed another WD TV live media center from my friend, connected it to TV to make sure the the problem is not with the TV and found that i was working ok when connected to TV via hdmi, then i connect the Media center with the projector and it worked perfectly, but when i connect the media box back to TV i got the same issue of getting a distorted/ghost image and was unbale to get it and then again same messge of “mode not supported”. Now i have 2 messed up WD Tv live box.  Can anyone out there has the same issue and if was resolved please help me out. Your help is greatly appricated.

Thank you

Have you tried the AV output using the supplied lead?


Hi thank you for your reply. I did tried a AV cable but was getting a message that " no signal detected". I get the a message that " mode not supported" followed by “No signal detected” when i conncted the WD TV media center via the HDMI cable, theses messages are displayed after i get the fiicklering screen as the photo attached.

Thank you

looks like a color space issue

since it’s actually booting, try and go into settings and change the color space and other details


Thank you for your reply, I cant get into the settings, as after this screen, it gives a message of “mode not supported” and the gives a message “no signal found”

Have you tried the players on another TV.

Did you use the WD supplied AV cable when you tried the composite output and did you try it on the TV.

Does the projector work OK with other devices.