WD TV Live Media Player takes long to boot up. Is this normal? Plus another issue!

I had the old wd tv which would boot up right away.

However, I jus got this new WD Live - When I turn the power on, it takes a while to boot up. im talking 20 seconds or so. Is that normal?

Another strange issue i had was, When i initialy set up the wd live t with my hard drive, it would play a video perfectly, but when i would press back and select another movie, nothing would play. I had to reboot the device. 

However, that issue has been resolved after I update the wi tv


20 seconds??   That’s SLOW?    MOST people will see from 35 to 60 seconds depending on which hardware revision they have.

The older hardware revision maintained power to memory even if the unit was turned off.    The European Union required a change in order to receive some “Green” certification that took that memory power away, so now it must boot from the ground up as if you first plug in the power, and takes closer to 1 minute to boot.

Thank the EU for that   :wink:

Thanks for the reply. So that’s normal then. However what about the second issue I had with playback. After playing one mkv file, no other files would work. I would have to reboot the device.

My only guess to that is that you haven’t updated your firmware, and you’re running into issues with MKV files that use Header Removal Compression.