WD TV Live media player not starting (don't boots up) - problem


maybe someone had this problem and found how to solve that:

When I turn on my player, it’s starts to boot and shows startup picture with WD logo and “WD TV Live HD media player” under it. Power led blinking.

And looks like it stops in this position and not moves.  No reaction to remote control. No reaction to USB flash memory inserted.

what can be wrong there? have you found solution?

I imagine that if I could update firmware this problem could be solved, but is it possibole to update firmware somehow like brute force from computer connected via USA cable wioth some special software?

thank you in advance

Did you read the manual?   It says

“…the media player power LED is blinking.”

“A system diagnostic failure occurred. Turn off yourmedia player, wait 10 minutes, then turn it on again. Ifthe same thing happens, contact the WD TechnicalSupport for assistance (see “WD Service andSupport” on page 2).”

yes I read. did few times. nothing changes.

even left WD player for full day turned off, or turned on - no changes.

can’t contact WD service, as no valid RMA for this player, so or  I boot up it somehow, or through away :frowning:

any other ideas?

Are you running the stock firmware or the modified version?

Few things I can think of:

  1. Check if you can ping the device

  2. If you are running the modified b-rad firmware - you can SSH the device - that would help  A LOT

  3. You can try a USB upgrade (not sure it will help - but worth a shot)

  4. Can you elaborate on how you got to that situation?


  1. will check

  2. not modified, I believe it’s stock firmware.

3 how to try that? is there any software which allows to upgrade firmware via PC and USB cable?

  1. I just got “new” TV player , turned it on fiorst time and got this sittuation. so don’t know what was done before that with this player. it was new packed so most prpbably iot was “Dead on arrival” situation.