WD TV Live Media Player locks up the volume control on my Denon Reciever

After installing the WD TV Live Hub, my volume control on my receiver will not adjust after a while.  When I shut off the live hub the receiver volume control works again.  I had a similar problem when I used the WD TV box.  My receiver is a Denon AVR 981.

How are you installing the Live hub. More info needed.

I think I found the problem.  I use an RCA IR blaster to control all the components in my media cabinet.  The WD Hub interferes with that and must send a signal that cancels out my volume control on the receiver.  Once I unplug the IR blaster the volume control works again.  Guess I will update my old RCA blaster to a newer system  Does anyone have any ideas?

The Hub CAN’T send a signal.  It doesn’t have any IR transmitters.

Yep, I understand that.  The only item i think could have been happening is interference between the hub and the IR reciever.  They were sitting right next to each other.  I moved the IR reciever and it works fine now.  Not as clean of an install but it works.

Ooooh.   That’s interesting!  Some sort of EM interference.   Good post, and thanks for following up!   You might want to mark your own post above this one as the solution so other people can find it easier if they search.