WD TV live media player alternative

Hi everyone, I’m not sure if I am at the right place for this but here it goes :

Right now, I am transferring my movies from my PC to a WD TV live media player device to watch them on my TV in my living room (I use the 1TB integrated HDD, no external HDD). My WDTV device is kinda old now and I’m starting to have multiple problems and I want to replace it for something better (slow menu navigation https://1921681254.mx/, lag problem on some videos even tho I can watch the same video file on my computer without any problems, screen freezing that needs a complete reboot of the device…)
After doing some research, I can see that WD still have many problems/bugs with their last product so I’m not sure if I should go back again with WD. So is there any alternative to the WD?

Some informations :

-I live in Canada (So yeah, no AFTV so don’t bother with that solution)

-I don’t use WiFi cause it greatly slow the transfer speed of movies (bad WiFi here)

-I don’t care about apps. All I do with this is watching movies that I transferred from my PC

-The device needs to read at least AVI, MP4, MKV and other popular video format

-Max budget would be 200$ CAD

-I don’t mind using an external HDD but does it means that I will need to unplug it from the device and plug it to my computer everytime I want to transfer a movie?

Thanks for the help.

I stopped using WDTV Media Players in about late 2014

Have been using a Raspberry Pi for the last 6 years and it’s been fantastic ! very happy with zero issues. Started with a Raspberry Pi 2 and now have a Raspberry Pi 3

If you don’t need 4K Playback or HEVC (H.265) decoding (which the Raspberry Pi 4 can do) … then a Pi 2 or Pi 3 will be fine. Both are less the $50 CAD … you’ll need a Power Supply and a Micro SD Card, so the total cost is still less than half your Max budget of $200

If you’re using a TV with HDMI, then you don’t need a remote control for the Pi … you can use your TV Remote to operate it.

Hard to believe I’m not the only one that’s still looking for a replacement for a WDTV. I’m kind of in the same boat. I’ve got about 1200 movies and I run a Plex server. I play the movies with a WDTV because I want a sharp picture and smooth playback. I don’t care about apps or other stuff I just want a good movie player. Here’s the options I tried:

I’ve tried using movie players like MX Player, VLC, SPMC, Plex, MrMC and several other “top 10, best of the best players”. I tried running them on cheap android boxes with “Amazing movie playback”. I also tried using a Firestick, Chromecast, Roku and Nvidia Shield. The cheap android boxes were by far the worst and totally unwatchable. The best of these options was the Nvidia Shield using Plex, SPMC or MrMC as the movie player. Any of these options is less than $200 but, in my opinion, none are better than the WDTV.

Last week I started using a Dune HD RealBox 4K. The box goes for about $170. The picture is pretty sharp and the colors are little more vibrant than the WDTV. I’ve noticed that sometimes it does a poor job with some details. For example, the front grill of a car or a zipper on a jacket may blur a bit and kind of sizzle or jump around on the screen and never really come into focus. On the WDTV the same grill and zipper look fine. I haven’t used the Dune long enough to decide whether it beats the WDTV but nothing else I’ve tried so far has come this close.

I’m also going to try a Zappiti Mini 4K HDR (it’s on the way). The box goes for about $250. My hope is that it will work just as good as the Dune and also do a better job with the details. If it does then I’ll finally be able to put the WDTV in the attic.

I partially agree … i bought a cheap ($60) Amlogic S905X Android 4K Box which running stock Android Software wasn’t great.

But, installed a bootable Micro SD card to run LibreELEC (Kodi) and now it performs pretty good now :slight_smile: